What is public health? Wanna find out? Students in the USF Intro to Public Health class have chosen strategic areas in the Tampa Bay community that they feel represent public health in action. This blog is dedicated to explaining, understanding, and discussing what their interpretations of exactly what the heck is.... public health?!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


The place that we chose to place our public health sticker was the Muvico Starlight 20 movie theater. The reason we picked this location is because of the movie, "Contagion" that premiered on Friday, September 9, 2011. This movie is about the bird flu and how when it first showed up, it took the world by storm. Most people did not understand the disease or how it was being transmitted, and this caused terror and fear around the world. Also because of this, the transmission was causing death and the officials were not sure how serious the disease was or how to stop it. The fact that the disease could be turned into a weapon was a scary thought, for not only officials, but the community as well. With the way that the disease was going, it was transforming itself into more resistant strands. This represents public health because the whole movie is about controlling this strand of bird flu and trying to keep the public safe and healthy, and this is the main goal of public health. During the movie, they are using epidemiology to find out the source of the disease, and to find a cure, treatment, and a vaccine for this disease. Also during the movie, they are trying to let the public know what is going on in order to keep them safe, so they know how to protect themselves. This is important because it is the job of public health to keep the public safe and informed about diseases.

Group Members:

Kayla Pinckney

Amanda Stevens

Alexandra (Sandy) Szymanski

Jessica Horal


  1. I watched the movie and it was really good and informative. It is a scary thought about easily a diesease can be transmitted and affecting the general population. It kind of remind me of the movie "Resident Evil" except we are not turning into zombies. However, we have to becareful of our surroundings and always be aware.

  2. I want to see this movie! From reading your parent post it sound like this movie sticks true to an epidemic. Usually the populations misunderstanding, and ignorance play key roles in the accelerated spread. Hopefully, Contagion mentioned accurate public health practices to stop and slow the epidemic while informing the viewer.

  3. This is a movie that i actually wanted to watch. i wondered how realistic the movie would portray a real epidemic, and by the description you provided it seems as though it did. This movie is a good way to raise awareness on the importance of public health and prevention methods. It is also interesting on how the movie mutates the original disease; making strands that are more resistant, which is a very real situation. overall its good to see that the public is becoming more aware of public health, at least in the movies.

  4. This movie was mentioned in my Virology class, just last week! This was a very clever/creative idea to pick for a public health issue and shows the importance of prevention and what occurs during a crisis situation of this magnitude. As I have learned in my Virology class, viruses are hard to eliminate because of the difficulty in making vaccines that can combat it. The movie (as I was told by my Virology professor) is fairly accurate in the depiction of what occurs when pandemic breaks out. I am looking forward to watching it!

  5. I also want to watch the movie, not for the purpose of public health but i like to watch society burn. However i think that it is cool that it stuck to the epidemiology standards.